Quality Through Technology Systematically
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System Consultancy
We identified software as a subset of overall system. We review the industry standard manufacturing system requirement. ON-LINE working environment and integrated system across different departments and locations   with the using of latest connectivity technology. We also provide solutions for  Pharmaceutical, Construction, Hospitals etc.
Infrastructure  and Installation
We decides Networking, connectivity options, computer and peripherals supply and installation after evaluation of  the application system to be implemented, budget allocated and schedule of project. The efforts of us, ensures proper infrastructure for the organization, which discards chances of over investment, under investment and investment in obsolete technology.
Software Designing,Development & Implementation
New system envisaged for computerization, becomes reality when it gets converted into user-friendly software. With the help of technical expertise and rich Experience of various development tools, we convert  any complex system into efficient software under various environments like Client Server, as well as Web base technologies.
On Demand ERP
We offer Cloud Computing On demand ERP considering Software as Service(SaaS).The application delivery service of a set of business application in a hosted model through the internet, that enables Organization maximize efficiency and minimize cost of ownership of there software and hardware needs.
Web Services
We are making tailor made web application for any kind of industries. We review the industries and professional standard for web application requirement. Based on the requirement we integrate the web application modules across the department and across the globe through appropriate connectivity.
Facility Management Service
We undertake contract to Maintain Infrastructure, Application Software, Networking etc. on retainer. For growing organizations, Upgradation of Infrastructure, system requirements never ends.  We satisfy this requirement by undertaking Facility Management Maintenance Assignments.